We work with our customers on a case by case basis. Here is an example of our services.

What We can do for You

Performance part development

We're developing performance parts for aftermarket modification. Currently we're focusing on Toyota GR Yaris but who knows what the future holds.

We are also looking for partners globally for resale.

Rally service team

We can be your pit crew so you can focus on racing. We have a fully equipped service truck at our disposal and Dakar service team experience. We can also take care of your car on any other time.

Engineering services

If you'd like a custom part designed and manufactured for a race car we can do it.

Composite production

If you need composites produced and there's no one else to call, you can call Neomatic's team.

We can be involved from mold design process to series production.

Rally car development

We have years of experience with rally, rallycross and cross country racing. If you'd like us to improve your current car or develope a new one, we'd be excited to talk.

Race car rental & demostration

If you'd like to participate in a rally, rallycross or cross-country race we can find you a car for rental and provide a full service team to get you throught it.

If you'd like a demostration event then we can assist there also.

Write or call, dealer's choice