Performance parts for Toyota GR Yaris

We have taken great care and precision to develope these high quality parts for enthusiasts and racers. All of our parts are based on 3D scans and are manufactured using latest technology to ensure high accuracy.

Sumpguard Kit

Our Sump guard consist of three main parts.

  • Aluminium plate for impact protection.
  • Composite panel for lower lip protection
  • Sturdy metal support

Aluminium plates are available in in 5mm and 6mm thickness.

Skidplate and composite lip protector can be sold separatley but the composite panel attaches to the skidplate.

Weight 29 to 32kg depending on plate used.


Floor guards

Fiberglass panels attach under the driver and co-driver floor. They are made from fiberglass and covered with Linex coating to provide a strong abrasion resistance.

Weight 7kg


Control arm guards

Made from polytheane, these flexible panels attach to the control arms to protect them from abrasion and dirt buildup.

Weight 6kg



Our mudflaps come in two styles.

  • Rally version extends further inside and outside the car, ensuring more protection to the underside.
  • Street style is more discreet looking and suitable on a daily vehicle.

4mm thick made from PUR

Weight 4 to 6kg depending on version used.


Front brake conversion kit

Original front brake discs are too large to fit 15'' wheels. Most rally studded tires are made for 15'' wheels.

Our kit contains 2 new discs and Caliper adapters to enable 15'' rims. Original brake calipers can be used.

Weight 18kg


Sideskirt guards

Sideskirt guards attach under the sideskirt providing additional protection against abrasion damage.

Weight 2kg


A/C Delete kit

Removing the A/C saves around 25kg of weight in the front. Improving handling and power.

Weight 1kg


How it was made...

... and more products to follow

We are in the process of designing new parts constantly. Feedback from customers is always welcome so do get in touch to discuss ideas for improving the GR or any other platform you may enjoy.