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GR Yaris Skid plate

GR Yaris Skid plate

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It's time to take your Toyota GR Yaris to the next level with our skid plate. Designed specifically for harsh conditions, this skidplate is perfect for the most adventurous and thrill-seeking drivers out there.

Crafted from aluminium with three strengthening ribs, this skid plate is built to withstand the toughest terrains. Whether you're racing through dirt tracks, rocky trails, or tackling steep hills, our skid plate will keep your car's undercarriage protected from any harsh impact.

Easy to install, this skid plate is a must-have for any rally enthusiast looking to take their Toyota GR Yaris to harsh roads. 

This product comes in 2 variations.

  • Pro version is made from thicker 6mm Aluminium, made to withstand stronger impacts. Also comes with a strengthened bar. Weight 23kg
  • Light version is made from 5mm Aluminium and a lighter bar. It's still super strong, but will not get the same mileage as Pro version in extreme conditions. Weight 20kg

Kit contains

  1. Skidplate
  2. Skid plate fitting bar

Product is compatible with our composite front bumper under guard!


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